Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

The NFL sports betting podcast series that started it all drops its last MegaPod of the 2014 regular season with Host Gill's Marco D'Angelo, and Vegas Runner, bringing back pro bettor Teddy Covers (Sevransky) for the  Week 16 roundtable.  The quartet gets feisty with each other once again, and break down the Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers at San Francisco 49ers, and more matchups in a handicapping context.  Plus, the staple questions are included, as well.  Which big favorite is most likely to lose outright and which game should you steer clear of, on Thursday's Beating The Book (December 18, 2014).

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It's the most wonderful time of the year.  College Football Bowl season is here and Host Gill Alexander reviews the fundamental tenets of capping during the 38 Bowl, 16 day stretch.  Then, creator of The Power Rank, Ed Feng, and Sports Insights consultant Mike Craig apply their math models to uncovering any betting edge in the lines. With 38 games in all beofre the National Championship, Part 1 tackles the first 19 matchups from December 20th through the first Bowl game on December 29th.  It's a a bonafide annual tradition, on Wednesday's Beating The Book (December 17, 2014).

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