Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

Warren Sharp of,, and the Sharp Football Analysis Podcast joins Host Gill Alexander and offers up his thoughts on an array of topics, including what he believes is the stat getting the least attention in today’s NFL. Then, it's MegaPod time as Matthew Holt, COO at CG Analytics, Head Oddsmaker and Vice President of Business Development for CG Technology, returns to the pod alongside WagerTalk’s Marco D'Angelo and Ace to give insights on the Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers, and New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings.  It's all on a supersized Thursday Divisional Round edition of Beating The Book (January 11, 2018).

1:19 Warren Sharp

14:10 Falcons @ Eagles

24:56 Titans @ Patriots

36:17 Jaguars @ Steelers

50:55 Saints @ Vikings

1:04:38 Final Two Questions

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