Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

After more than a year’s absence, in part justified by co-founding the stock market-like exchange for bettors, THESCOREX, EVBettor returns to the pod alongside WagerTalk’s Marco D'Angelo and Ace to give insights on the Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears, New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys, and Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers. Plus, the Thursday night game between the Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals is analyzed, as is the big favorite on the slate that’s most likely to lose outright, and which game you should stay away from at all costs. It's all on this week’s edition of Beating The Book (September 13, 2018).


5:32 Seahawks @ Bears

17:14 Giants @ Cowboys

29:31 Chiefs @ Steelers

43:42 Ravens @ Bengals

48:14 Final Two Questions


And, it's finally here. The NFL handicapping contest that Gill has alluded to for years and discusses on today's show...


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