Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

Lorded over by the OG of podcasting, Gill Alexander, Brady Kannon, member of 2011 SuperContest champion, Sans Souci, returns to the pod alongside WagerTalk’s Marco D'Angelo and Ace to give insights on the New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons, and New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers. Plus, thoughts on a potentially great Thursday night matchup between the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs, which big favorite is most likely to lose outright, and which game you should steer clear of at all costs, on Thursday's Beating The Book (December 13, 2018).


2:25 Saints @ Panthers

15:05 Eagles @ Rams

28:40 Seahawks @ 49ers

30:50 Cardinals @ Falcons

39:05 Patriots @ Steelers

48:00 Chargers @ Chiefs

55:00 Final Two Questions


And, it's finally here. The NFL handicapping contest that Gill has alluded to for years and discusses on today's show...

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