Beating The Book with Gill Alexander (podcast)

The NFL's pioneering sports betting podcast series panel was so anxioius to break down Week 2 NFL lines that they couldn't bring themselves to wait until Friday morning to get together.  On a special Thursday night release, Host Gill's Marco D'Angelo, and's Vegas Runner welcome perennial show staple Richard Stand, 2010 Hilton SuperContest champion, to analyze the Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons at Cincinnati Bengals, and more matchups from a handicapping perspective.  Plus, the big favorite that's most likely to lose outright and the game you should steer clear of entirely, on Thursday's Beating The Book (September 11, 2014).

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One of the minds responsible for the advanced analytics site, AgainstThe, Chris Andrews leans on 30 years of bookmaking experience in this weekly series, designed to find an edge in the upcoming week's NFL betting lines.  Andrews and Host Gill Alexander leave no game on the slate unturned in the endeavor.  Plus, it's the debut of Sports Betting Storytime, which touches both on how lines were created 30 years ago and how the legendary odds maker Roxy Roxborough got his start, on Monday's Beating The Book (September 8, 2014).

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And so it begins anew.  The NFL's flagship sports betting podcast series is once again in full effect with Host Gill Alexander,'s Marco D'Angelo, and's Vegas Runner, primed to attack another season of NFL lines.  And, as always, a who's who of industry and handicapping experts will join the fray on a weekly basis, as well.  National Football Post's Joe Fortenbaugh joins the roundtable for Week 1, breaking down the San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals, NY Giants at Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos, carolian Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens, and more matchups from a handicapping perspective.  Plus, which big favorite is most likely to lose outright and which game should you stay away from at all costs, on Friday's Beating The Book (September 5, 2014).

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The 2014 College Football Season is upon us, and this one packs some serious punch.  Handicapping pioneer Dr. Bob (Stoll) of and Todd Fuhrman of Fox Sports 1 join Host Gill Alexander to give their best season win totals bets for the coming season.  Wake Forest, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Notre Dame, and Arkansas are all examined, with additional thoughts provided on Florida State, Baylor, USC, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Kansas State from a futures perspective.  Plus, Dr. Bob discusses his handicapping approach to capping college football, including the two-pronged nature of his situational/technical analysis and math model.  It's all on Thursday's Beating The Book (August 28, 2014).

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There are no apologies around here for fantasy football talk.  Ever.  National Football Post's Joe Fortenbaugh and Host Gill Alexander discuss both strategy and undervalued players headed into your 2014 draft(s).  Plus, Joe offers up his two favorite NFL season win totals plays, on Wednesday's Beating The Book (August 27, 2014).

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Author of "Trading Bases, A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball* (*) Not necessarily in that order", Joe Peta checks in with Host Gill Alexander on the inaugural "Beating The Book" podcast and identifies the MLB teams that have been consistently over- and underpriced to date in the betting market, while offering up which of those clubs might stay their respective courses moving forward in Q4.  Plus, the luckiest and unluckiest clubs, as determined through the prisms of cluster luck and Bill James' Pythagorean expectation are highlighted, on Monday's "Beating The Book" (August 18, 2014).

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