Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

We've got the madness covered like no one else.  Peter Keating, Senior Writer at ESPN The Magazine, joins Host Gill Alexander and does what he does best, isolating the best Giant Killer candidates in this week's NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament.  Plus, Ed Feng of and author of the eBook "How to Win Your NCAA Tournament Pool" provides the golden rules that will maximize your chances of excelling in your brackets.  Then, Ace analyzes how the betting market has behaved since lines were posted and where they're likely to head, while Gill provides the 6 characteristics that all National Champions have shared since 2004, ex UConn last year, and the three teams in this year's field that possess them.  It's our annual March Madness edition on Tuesday's Beating The Book (March 17, 2015). Promo Code: BTB for special Daily Fantasy offers

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