Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

This one is super-sized.  Host Gill Alexander first welcomes the founder of Football Outsiders, Aaron Schatz, for analytics based insight to NFL season win totals.  Then, sabermetrician, Basewinner, and Gill break down the most and least profitable money line clubs in baseball (home/road splits), the best and worst run line clubs, the clubs with the biggest difference between their money line and run line performances, the most reliable totals umpires, the best and worst first 5 inning teams in terms of run production and prevention, and the most and least reliable 1st inning clubs as seen through the prism of scoring percentage.  Plus, proprietary betting stats on the best and worst 5 inning clubs and pitchers are included, as are numbers that you won’t find anywhere else on 1st inning pitching performers, all designed to inform your MLB derivative wagers  And finally, ESPN Chalk’s Joe Peta examines MLB Q1 pricing juxtaposed against the MLB season win totals market, on Thursday's Beating The Book (May 25, 2017).


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