Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

Known for their prowess in baseball over the years but now applying their same approach to the NFL and experiencing similar success, Metrics Mike from the analytics site drops in on Host Gill Alexander,'s Marco D'Angelo, and Ace to break down this coming weekend's NFL lines.  Included on the docket are the Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers, LA Rams at Tennessee Titans, Detroit Lions at Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars at San Francisco 49ers, and other matchups, as well, all approached from a handicapping perspective.  Plus, which big favorite is most likely to lose outright and which game should you stay away from at all costs, on Thursday's Beating The Book (December 21, 2017).

5:18 Raiders @ Eagles

14:40 Steelers @ Texans

24:10 Colts @ Ravens

28:56 Vikings @ Packers

31:10 Rams @ Titans

35:08 Lions @ Bengals

38:26 Jaguars @ 49ers

41:55 Final Two Questions

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