Beating The Book with Gill Alexander

Everyone has a podcast nowadays, but make no mistake, this is the one that started it all and set the bar.  The NFL's flagship sports betting podcast series is once again in full effect with Host Gill's Marco D'Angelo, and Vegas Runner, primed to break down another week of NFL lines. And, as always, a who's who of industry and handicapping experts join the fray. 2011 Hilton SuperContest champion Brady Kannon joins the roundtable for Week 14, breaking down the New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons, and more matchups from a handicapping perspective.  Plus, which big favorite is most likely to lose outright and which game should you stay away from at all costs, on Thursday's Beating The Book (December 7, 2017).

6:25 Patriots @ Dolphins

17:46 Ravens @ Steelers

29:27 Cowboys @ Giants

33:11 Eagles @ Rams

39:17 Bears @ Bengals

43:32 Saints @ Falcons

46:26 Final Two Questions

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